Thursday 30 August 2007

New Resource Page

Our students' forum now has a resource page to help students with their learning. This page provides several links to websites for reference, external exams and bookshops for English students. In this way, we believe that our students will have more options when they are studying.

Monday 27 August 2007

Eleven Years of Gardner English

Gardner English is celebrating its eleventh anniversary this week, as it was founded on the 26th of August, 1996. We have seen many changes in that many years, and hope to see many more in those to come.

In just the last two weeks, we have set up new ways of communicating with our clients and students. This week, we will be providing new tools to the teachers at Gardner English.

Wednesday 22 August 2007

Students' Forum

Gardner English now has a forum exclusively for our students' questions. This forum is a public website, so any student may enter it to see the questions and answers which come up to help them with their own studies. We believe that sharing this resource will be very useful for everyone concerned.

Friday 17 August 2007

Website in English

The Gardner English website is now also available in English. All you have to do to change languages is click on the name of the language on any of our pages. We hope you enjoy using this new feature.

Wednesday 15 August 2007

Gardner English Website

We've now set up our website, which includes a news section, an agenda and more information about the school. We hope that this step will be useful for our clients, students and teachers, and we believe that providing services such as these is something which will help us stay up-to-date in the field of education.

Monday 13 August 2007

Our News

Welcome to Gardner English's new blog. We are working hard to deliver up-to-date services to our customers, students and teachers in order to improve our methods of communication and scheduling. This news page, which is the first step in this process, serves to inform people about what we have achieved and about our plans for the future.